About Us


I'm Kerry, a British based Illustrator. I've always loved drawing. Growing up I was a big fan of stationery too, I added some coloured biros to my collection and started drawing with them when I was 15 years old. Fast forward a few years and I'm still creating delicate wildlife drawings with coloured pens.

I live in Lincoln, UK and much of my inspiration comes from my doorstep and the Derbyshire countryside where I grew up. All of my illustrations feature nature, which I find fascinating to draw. I am also hugely inspired by vintage botanical illustrations, books, antiques and natural history.

I sell lovely hand drawn products for others to enjoy. I have designed these items with paper lovers in mind; for all of you that love art on your walls, books, letter writing and journaling. I have been so inspired by these communities that I knew instantly that I wanted to add to this world and celebrate a love for paper in all it's forms.

Thank you for dropping by!


Kerry Dawn Illustration stood outdoors in front of ferns